Solar Energy

There was a time when people used to consider the sun as a god. Sunlight nourished the earth and produced winds. The nuclear reactions that occur within the sun produced intense heat and light, which radiates into the space. The appropriate location of the earth protects us from the harmful effects of these rays (although we have begun to experience minor troubles, these days). I will be providing an insight into solar energy as a form of renewable energy in the remaining of the sections.

solar energy The earlier mentioned nuclear reactions (occurring with the sun) will never cease. This is one of the reasons, why the experts have termed it as renewable energy. The recent developments in technology have enabled humanity to harness the power included with the rays of the sun. For instance, using solar panels, we can convert the light energy into electrical energy. Satellite and space shuttles utilize these kinds of solar panels to power the machinery incorporated into them. Did you know that scientists classify solar energy into two - active solar and passive solar? The earlier mentioned example depicts active solar. When we use the solar energy to heat or cool buildings (using suitable techniques), it is termed as passive solar.

In order to generate electricity from the sunlight, we will have to use photovoltaic cells. In fact, the number of photovoltaic power plants is increasing in many European Union countries. Sometimes, power companies use alternate procedures to generate electricity. A mechanism to capture sunlight and use it to boil large bodies of water is the primary component of this system. The heating of water will lead to the generation of steam, which is fed to electrical generators. The rotary motion of the rotors will generate electricity. A substation usually present near the premises will aggregate and transmit the power to far way locations.

During the 80s, solar powered watches dominated the scene. Then solar cookers and calculators were mainstream inventions! Certain automobile manufacturers have come up with cars that use solar energy to propel themselves. Water treatment facilities also make use of solar energy for various procedures. In certain instances, the power generated using the same energy is stored for nominal amounts of time before they are put to use. Sunlight is not present during the nighttime and hence, we can use this stored energy then. Renewable sources of energy such as wind energy and geothermal energy are remotely related to solar energy and solar powered cars. Do keep us posted with your findings.